What is Private Site Event Marketing?

Event marketing is one of the fastest growing methods of direct marketing and advertising in the current market.  Event marketing is all done on a face to face basis, and are set up in places where we can approach consumers and give them a 60-90 second presentation about the product and service we are promoting for our client.

How do I spot an Event Marketing Campaign?

It will usually consist of a team of 2-3 people with a stand and banner promoting a product or service.

Why do clients hire us?

Many brands look to outsource their sales and marketing needs because they don’t have their own internal teams or need to quickly enhance their brand presence and customer portfolio. We are able to supply our clients with a significant return on investment very quickly, which will contribute to our client’s profit margin.

We have found the Event Marketing method of connecting with the consumer a higher long-term investment for our clients as it can create genuine relationships between client and customer.

What do we do?

We execute tailor made and innovative event marketing campaigns for our clients. We will reach your customers and interact with them on a personal level and understand their individual needs.

How do we do it?

We are a young company with a wealth of experience working with a range of clients from start-ups to established companies. We achieve results fast! We are able to identify areas where we can add a long term value to your business. And we offer a flexible service tailored to your specific business goals and objectives.

We are passionate about providing an unparalleled service to all of our clients. We believe that it is critical for business to create a lasting relationship with customers; therefore we will be committed to taking care of your marketing needs as your business flourishes.

We believe to be good you only need to know the knowledge behind a client, to be great you need to be passionate about it.

We provide a passionate approach to be great at what we do.