The Managing Director

Our Managing Director is Alexander Stephen Mousley, a successful businessman and self-made entrepreneur.  Alexander Stephen Mousley has always had a passion for business and he is dedicated to growing Bravington Capital into the UKs most successful event marketing and sales firm.

Our Company Culture

We have a work ethic like no other. Our company culture is to go above and beyond in order to get the job done. We believe the sky is the limit.

Our Values

    • Innovation – we create a supportive environment that encourages new ways of thinking
    • Passion – our sales force has an inbuilt passion for what they do
    • Relationships – relationships with clients, customers and other business professionals underpins everything we do
    • Accountability – we are problem solvers

Services We Offer

Event Marketing Campaigns

Through understanding your business needs, we will develop event marketing and sales campaigns that will guarantee your business immediate results.


We have the range of expertise and industry knowledge to consult on a number of key business areas including Customer Acquisition, Marketing Strategy and Sales Performance.

Face-to-Face Interactions

<We will take your brand directly to the customer at our private hire event sites.  This allows us to interact with your customer’s on an individual and personalised level, allowing for long lasting relationships to be formed.

Market Research and Strategy

Will make it a priority to understand your customer’s needs.  To do this, we conduct market research so that we are able to develop a unique selling point for your products and services.

Market Analysis

We will analyse your target market and competitors from a customer experience point-of-view.  This means we will gain a new perspective on how your brand can attain more customers.

Positive Brand Awareness

Our direct event marketing approach allows for long-lasting relationships to be built with customers improving customer loyalty.